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Meet the Reslife Team

The Catalinas are not just apartments; they're a community maintained and promoted by the Graduate Reslife Team. This team is composed of the Residential Life Coordinator (RLC), Graduate Resident Associates (GRAs), and Catalina Community Associates (CCAs). They conduct community building programming, enforce Institute policies, provide support to individual students, and address roommate issues. 

The RLC, Nilza Santana-Castillo, is a live on, full time professional staff member who oversees the RAs and CCAs. She is available to assist students in their residential, social, and academic experiences at Caltech. The GRAs, like the RLC, assist residents in a wide vary of situations related to their Caltech experience. 

The CCAs are a group of active Catalina residents serving as volunteers who plan and implement community-wide events to enhance the experience of Catalina residents. 

Meet the current Graduate Residential Life team here!