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Catalina Community Garden

The Catalina Community Garden project began in response to the demand for more space by members of the Avery Community Garden. The Sustainability Office responded by opening up a green space at 391 Wilson Ave. between the parking structures. Included in the development were a small grove of citrus and avocado trees, an area for vines along the wall with grapes started, plots for a community garden, and a gazebo. 

However, despite the work put into the development, the plots sat empty for over a year. Finally, in 2013, a group of resident volunteers in the Catalina Apartments applied for and received a grant from the Moore-Hufstedler Fund, providing funding to start the gardening project. The Catalina Community Associates took a leadership role in promoting the project, organizing the plots, and managing the community maintenance of the garden. The funds from the MHF grant were used to purchase plants, seeds, tools, and a garden shed and the barren area was transformed to a green oasis. 

The garden plots are all well maintained, the benches are a nice spot to relax, and the gazebo has transformed into a prime location for lunch, dinner, and evening drinks. 

Future development projects include planting more vines (perhaps the Strong Ale Club will plant hops), finding some covering for the gazebo (a native or adapted vine would be quite nice), and signs. A mural or sign on the Wilson parking structure is an option, as well as informational signs in the front area, where native and adapted plants are thriving and demonstrating how to make a beautiful landscape without needing extra sources of water. 

If you would like to join the garden, please email Residential Life Coordinator Nilza Santana to to inquire if a plot is currently available, or to be added to the waitlist. 

Garden members must commit to taking care of their plot for at least one term. Members may choose to keep or give up their plot at the end of the term.