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Noise and Quiet Hours

Quiet hours for resident apartments and recreation rooms in the Catalina Apartments are:

  • 10PM-7AM Sunday through Thursday
  • 12AM-7AM Friday and Saturday

Courtesy hours are in effect 24/7. Sound travels easily thoughout the buildings, so please be considerate of your neighbours, especially during times such as midterms or final exam weeks. 

Here are some things you can do to be considerate for your neighbors:

  • Use headphones when listening to music
  • Be aware of your foot traffic/door slamming, etc.
  • Utilize the Music House practice rooms for rehearsals

If you are having noise issues with a neighbor, make the first attempt to politely let your neighbor know that you can hear them audibly. If the issue persists, contact the Residential Life Coordinator, or a Resident Associate for assistance. If the noise is excessive (blasting music past quiet hours) call Security to:  (626)-395-4701

Repeated complaints against tenants may result in termination of Housing contract.