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No Soliciting

The Catalina Apartments, as well as all Caltech Housing properties, are private property so solicitors (people selling magazines, asking for donations, etc.) should NOT be approaching you or going door-to-door. If someone comes to your door without you asking them to come, you should be very cautious. While not everyone going door-to-door is a criminal, there are many types of scams that are conducted in this manner.

Here are some helpful tips and reminders from Security and Housing about solicitors in the Cats:

Solicitors asking for charitable donations are required to have a permit from the city of Pasadena. If you are not sure about their intent, ask to see their permit.

If you are approached, you do not have to engage in conversation. Some things you can say:

  • No thank you, I’m not interested. 
  • I’m sorry, I’m busy right now.
  • Do you have a business card so I can think about it and reach you later?
  • Is there a way I can purchase online?
  • Be firm and polite, then close the door or continue on your way. Notify Security by calling 626-395-5000.

 If you are uncomfortable with someone approaching you or knocking on your door, politely decline, continue on your way, and call Security at 626-395-5000 (x5000 from a campus phone).


  • Do not let any solicitor in your home.
  • Do not give money before product is delivered or service rendered.
  • Do not pay with cash. Pay by check to ensure payment can be stopped or the transaction can be tracked.
  • Be wary of anyone that uses high pressure sales tactics.
  • Ask lots of questions and request brochures and business cards. 

Also remember these general safety tips:

  • Safety in numbers: Try to walk with a friend, especially if it’s late at night, and pay attention to your surroundings. You can also call Security for an escort if you feel unsafe: 626-395-4701 (x4701 from a campus phone).
  • Get to know your neighbors: In addition to just being friendly, knowing your fellow students will help you recognize when there are solicitors or trespassers on the property.
  • If you see something, say something: If you notice anything that seems suspicious, call Security at 626-395-5000 (x5000 from a campus phone).