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Mail and Packages in the Cats

Both mail and packages are delivered to the mailboxes and lockers located outside the appropriate Catalina Recreation Rooms.

  • North Cats mailboxes: outside the North Cats Rec Room
  • Central Cats mailboxes: outside the Central Cats Rec Room
  • South Cats mailboxes: outside the South Cats Rec Room

To pick up mail in the Cats, you will need your mail key. Pacakages are left in the storage lockers underneath the mailboxes. Keys to unlock these storage lockers will be left in your mailbox when you receive a package. Please retrieve packages from these lockers in a timely manner. 

If there isn't room in the storage lockers or your package is delivered through a service other than USPS, packages may be left outside your door or in front of the parcel system. 

If residents are unable to receive a package during regular business hours, packages should be sent to Shipping and Receiving with the mail code of their respective academic department. Packages should be addressed as follows:




Sending Mail and Packages to the Catalina Apartments

To send mail or packages to the Catalina Apartments, you will need to know your full address in the Cats, which you should have received during move-in. An example address is shown below:

Your Name

200 S. Catalina Ave.

Apt. #100

Pasadena, CA 91106

If you would like to send mail to your apartment before you arrive, you should send mail to your campus address instead. Generally, you will send it to campus (1200 E. California Blvd.), and then it will be directed to the right place via a mail code (MC) specific to your department or division. An example address is shown below:

Your Name

1200 E. California Blvd.

MC: 123-45

Pasadena, CA 91125

Incorrect Mail

With the number of residents moving in and out of the Catalinas apartments throughout the year, you’re bound to get some mail that was incorrectly delivered or belongs to the previous resident.

Here are some tips for what to do in a few common scenarios:

Changing your address when you move

When you move, make sure you file change-of-address forms with the following groups:

Mail for a Previous Resident

  • Most importantly, don't open the mail or throw it out! Opening or throwing away mail that isn't yours is against federal law.
  • Check to make sure the mail hasn’t been delivered to the wrong mailbox. If this is the case, see the next section below!
  • Scratch out the address block and bar codes and write “No Longer at This Address” on the envelope.
  • Drop the mail in outgoing mail.

Mail Delivered to the Wrong Apartment Mailbox

  • Return it to the outgoing mailbox. As long as the mail has not been opened, it should be re-delivered to the correct person.
  • If the mail looks important, consider being neighborly and dropping it off at your fellow resident’s apartment!

Forwarding Mail to a Previous Resident

If you have the new address for previous resident, you can forward any mail you get to them directly.

  • Cross out your address, leaving the addressee’s name untouched. A bold, diagonal slash over the address with a pen is sufficient.
  • On the front of the envelope in a blank area, clearly write “Forward to ___________” writing in the new address.
  • Since the forwarded letter will NOT need a new stamp, it can be dropped directly in a mailbox for pickup and redelivery.